Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Power of Fatherhood

I am convinced that God has placed a special calling upon Fathers to impact the lives of their children and those whom the Lord places in their path. We are indeed called to mold, lead, guide and provide an example to one of God's most precious gifts, children.

I am so amazed at the process in which God decided to bring Jesus into the world. Although He did not allow a man to physically create Jesus, He did allow a man, Joseph, to mentor, train and guide one of His most precious possessions.

I can only imagine the sit-down chats Joseph had with Jesus. The conversations they must have had as Joseph showed Jesus how to master the carpenter's trade. It must have been something to experience Jesus developing from an infant to a twelve year old who decided to stay back in the temple and talk about the Torah.

Joseph, I believe, represents a man who understood that his love for Jesus was more powerful than the fact that Jesus was not his natural son. Joseph did not allow the circumstances of Jesus' birth to prevent him from being the earthly father any young boy needs to become a strong man.  Now that is a great example of a man who understood the "Power of Fatherhood".

To appreciate this power and see the need to be a father figure , we only need to look at the horrible consequences that result when fathers are not in the lives of children. Did you know that research shows that children without fathers are more prone to enter the prison system, crime and experience emotional instability? I know that there are exceptions to the research, but there are so many young men and women in prison right now who will say without reservation, "They wished they had a father".

Fathers, Mentors, Uncles, Grandfathers, we all have a god-given responsibility to mentor and guide the young people who God has placed in our lives. Let's commit this Father's Day to touch the lives of young people in at least the following ways:

a. Demonstrate godly principles for them to emulate.

b. Provide godly advice that will help young people make wise decisions.

c. Allow our young people to make mistakes while they are under our tutelage.

d. Pray without ceasing for our young people's salvation and future.

e. Show our young people how to navigate the economic system of the world and the Kingdom of God.

f. Disciple each young person so that they can become what God destined them to be.

If we can commit to these six principles, we too can experience, as Joseph did with Jesus, the "Power of Fatherhood".

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