Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Dream Come True- Release of My Books: "Life Lessons For My Sons" & "When God Speaks" on Monday, March 24, 2014

God bless you all! I am truly excited about all of the great things God is doing in my life. I am especially grateful to the Lord for the upcoming release of two of my books; "Life Lessons For My Sons" and "When God Speaks". This is really a dream come true. The Lord impressed in my spirit several years ago to write both of the aforementioned books.

"When God Speaks" is a great devotional tool for anyone who is interested in growing in their personal discipleship. In fact, with each devotional there is a place for your own personal reflection after reading the devotional. Really take the time to determine what God was trying to convey to you after reading the devotion. In addition, I have also provided some follow-up questions that will help further bring more meaning to the devotion.

This devotional is great for small groups as well. You could literally invite friends over and share with one another concerning what the Lord spoke to you after reading the devotion.

Also, I am so proud of my book, "Life Lessons For My Sons". This book can serve as an aide for any mentor, father, mother, etc... who wants to ensure that the young man in their life learn the many life lessons that every man encounters. I talk about growing up in Montgomery, Alabama  as a young boy all the way through my growth and development as a father and husband.

I am convinced that every young man, adult and even young women will learn a great deal from the lessons of my life.

Take the opportunity to get your copy of each book for your personal library. Continue to check back on this blog for additional articles and information that will enhance your ability to mentor the young men in your life.

If you have facebook, you can connect with me at Life Lessons For My Sons and When God Speaks. Thank you in advance for your support and most of all your prayers.

In Christ,

Kevin Jackson