Monday, May 31, 2010

Fathers' Day

Wow! Fathers' Day is quickly approaching. I wonder what gift my boys will give me this year. I hope that it is not a tie or any tangible gift.

I hope that they will simply say how much they love me and appreciate me. That is really all I want from my boys on Fathers' Day. Acknowledgement of who I am to them.

I want the words because it reveals the sentiments of the heart. If I have my boys hearts, then I have accomplished one of the greatest things in life.

Fathers, spend this holiday season thanking God for the small things about being a father or mentor. The gifts are great, but there is no price that can be placed on having the genuine heart of your children.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lead By Example

I am so thankful for the opportunity to sow into the lives of my boys. Today, I really embraced the fact that providing my sons with an example of how to love my wife; helps them learn how to treat their future wife. Modeling how to wear my clothes appropriately; shows them how to dress appropriately.

Virtually everything that I do is a teachable moment that has the potential to impact my boys lives forever.

Fathers, please be careful with the type of example that you provide for your children. It could have devestating affects.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Reality of How Blessed we are

As I watched the news and pictures of my brothers and sisters in Haiti, I could not but realize how blessed we are in America.

Yesterday, my wife wanted to go grocery shopping. I stated, " I hate to go grocery shopping". Then it dawned on me how my brothers and sisters in Haiti would give anything to have the opportunity to buy something from the store.

Again, I realized how blessed I am to be in America. I looked at my childern. They are all well dressed. They have their own rooms. They attend a Christian Private school. They have never gone hungry before. They do not know what poverty is.

Then it finally hit me! Teach them to value what they have and to share what they possess. If I can show them to be thankful to God for all that they have and not to hesitate to give what they have, then I can help them not to become a selfish, unconcerned adult. This is an awesome Life Lesson for any child and even adults.

Take some time in your life and garner the lessons that you can teach your children.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Father's Example

I figured it out a long time ago. My sons watch me to determine how to interact with females, mainly their mother. With that in mind, I ensure that they observe me taking care of their mother, speaking respectfuly to her, and showing love and affection.

Wow! As a father, I am so glad that my boys have the opportunity to see my example of respecting their mother and women in general and not the examples displayed by the entertainment industry.

Fathers please be careful with the example that you present to your sons. They are watching and learning every move, word, and act that you display.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Father's Word

One of the most powerful things a father can offer his child is his word. Children learn early to either trust their father's words or simply dismiss them because of the father's inability to keep his words.

Dad's even if you cannot keep the promise made to your child, go back to them and tell them why. This will teach your child the importance of keeping their word and what to do if you cannot keep your original promise.

This simple lesson will take your son or daughter a long way in relationships.