Monday, August 8, 2011

An Open Letter to African American Boys

I often wonder if you are aware of the potential that lies within you. Do you not know that you have the ability to achieve anything with the help of God?

I often wonder if you intentionally ignore the wisdom and advice of your elders to express your individuality and independence. However, you do not consider the reason why we tell you what we tell you so that your individuality is not shaped by hardship, calamity and disappointment.

Can’t you see the signs of the times? Do you not see how the past is quickly creeping back into the present and ultimately the future? Ok! You don’t know your history or you think our history is just that, in the past.

Listen young men, “Whatever you do not learn from the past of your people, you will have to learn it personally in your present or future.”

Son, why do you emulate the negative aspects of the culture? If indeed you are seeking to be an individual, then why do you copy the dress codes and mannerisms of celebrities whom you do not know? Be who God made you to be. Be smart. Be dedicated. Be respectful. Be a visionary. Be a young man of God.

My young brothers, when will the sexual escapades cease? Don’t take the advice of your uncle Bubba, who has never had a successful marriage or relationship. Instead emulate positive black men who are taking care of their families and who respect their wives.

My young brothers, your manhood is not measured by the number of young ladies that you sleep with. Don’t you know you are spreading yourself all over the community and indirectly sleeping with every person that the young lady has slept with? Follow the teachings that your grandma, auntie, or mama taught you. They taught you to love God more than your sexual drive.

Young brothers, can we reason about education? You do know that the powers thereof build prisons based on the low reading levels of black boys in grades four and five?

Learn young brothers learn. Learn and excel. You can do anything through Christ that strengthens you. You are not weak because you are smart. You are weak when you are smart and pretend to be dumb. Be the individual God has created you to be.

Finally, my young black brothers, I know you do not want anyone telling you what to do, but it is foolish to ignore wisdom. Do this for me young brother. Read this letter again, digest it, follow it and then pass it on to a friend. Give this letter to brothers you know and care about.


A Concerned African American Man


  1. KUDOS to you on such a heart felt posting. We need more black men speaking out to not only our youth, both male and female, but also to our peers, both men and women. It was truly a blessing to run across this blog today as I've debated lately on the sagging issue as well as "planking". It seems that we as black people have lost our pride and cannot see the detriment we are to our selves. GREAT POSTING!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. We have so.....much work to do.