Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do it on purpose!

As I quickly approach the big 40, I am really thinking about all of the things that I must teach my boys to ensure that they are prepared to be men of God. I had to look back in retrospect to see if I had laid a strong foundation for them to build upon. Here are a few things that I believe fathers must do on purpose.

a.Demonstrate how to love God’s way.

b.Teach them how to forgive as the Lord forgives.

c.Show them how to be good stewards over their time, talents and treasury.

d.Always encourage and correct with the word of God in a loving yet firm manner.

e.Allow them to make mistakes now, so that they can learn from me how to master those areas later.

f.Demonstrate what a man of God is and how he acts in every facet of life.

g.Extend respect in order to expect automatic respect from my children.

h.Teach them to look to the Lord during great times and distressful times.

i.Impart the word of God in their hearts intentionally.

j.Show them the blessing of doing everything as unto the Lord in ministry and life.

There is so much more, but the above things are certainly a good start. I know that we are all busy trying to do the will of God for our lives, but one of those responsibilities includes training our children to do the will of God for their lives also. Do it on purpose.

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