Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Need for Fathers and Mentors

The dream of every little boy is to grow to become a man. That perception of manhood is shaped by vast interactions the young man has within his community and most importantly his father.

I can remember wanting to be and do everything that I observed my father do as a little boy. From changing tires on the cars to mowing the lawn. All were tangible goals for me to achieve my ultimate goal; to be like my father.

Fathers provide their sons with a blueprint of manhood. Young men learn how to wear their clothes, walk, talk, and interact with women through the examples provided by their fathers. The winning formula for young men is Father + Son+ Effective Training + Positive Modeling= Positive Manhood for the son.

If one of the variables that leads to a Positive Manhood is missing, then it can be devastating for the young man. For example, if the father is missing in the equation, then the son is left void of the main variable responsible for teaching him how to be a man. This is the case for many young men today. Dad is missing in the equation.

If the father of a young man is not present in his life, all is not lost. The next best person that can make a powerful impact in the young man's life is a positive male mentor. Mentors are surrogate fathers that understand their role in the young man's equation to manhood.

Mentors have to understand the significance of their time, treasury, and influence in the life of a young man. It is imperative that mentors take seriously the responsibility to mold and shape a young man to becoming a positive man. This requires the mentor to be cognizant of his actions, words, attire, choice of entertainment, and interactions with women. Negative influences by a mentor can be detrimental to the emotional stability and future of the young man.

If we are going to save a generation of young men that are lost without any direction, then we must initiate and mobilize a movement of Fathers being effective Fathers and Mentors mentoring with the intent of shaping powerful, positive, and prepared young men.

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